Cats-Haensel provides new twist wrap concept for Turin’s luxury chocolates
Cats-Haensel provides new twist wrap concept for Turin’s luxury chocolates

A new range of luxury liqueur chocolates is enjoying the benefits of a fresh packaging concept thanks to leading twist wrap manufacturer, Cats-Haensel Flexible Packaging.

Internationally renowned Mexican luxury chocolate manufacturer Chocolates Turin Mexico appointed Cats-Haensel to introduce a fresh twist wrap concept for its new range of luxury liqueur chocolates.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the global drinks industry, the chocolates are filled with well known liqueurs, including Malibu and Kahlua.

Cats-Haensel Flexible Packaging, a leading provider of packaging solutions to the chocolate and confectionery industries worldwide, has supplied a premium quality, strip wax laminated, gravure printed twist wrap material, SAMF, to complement the new range and increase efficiency.

SAMF was specially developed by Cats-Haensel to provide its customers with a bespoke, easy-to-remove twist wrap that provides the best possible levels of efficiency during high-speed packing processes.

Originally, Turin used two different layers of packaging materials for the individual twistwrap: a printed unsupported aluminum innerstrip and a PVC outer wrap. Following an intensive and dedicated trial program, where Cats-Haensel packaging engineers and market development team worked closely with Turin personnel, the new packaging concept now provides premium wrappers with improved twist characteristics. It also eliminates PVC to satisfy ecological considerations and increases efficiency in the production process by consisting of just one packaging layer.

Cats-Haensel Managing Director Barry Marron said: “We are very proud of the high standard of our wax coated and wax laminated products which, thanks to their excellent print quality and easy-peel characteristics, play a key part in the appeal of our customers’ popular confectionery ranges.

“We were delighted to be able to support our new customer Turin by introducing this concept for their new product. We have built long-standing relationships with our customers by delivering top class support at all stages of innovation, design, engineering, production and delivery and we are looking forward to supporting Turin on many more of its exciting ranges.”

Sergio Colmenares of Turin, said: “We highly appreciate all commercial and technical support from this flexible packaging partner. Although they are from the other side of the world, it feels as if they are just around the corner. The new packaging concept will help us to be very successful in both national and international markets and we are delighted with the choice we made.”

Internationally renowned Mexican luxury chocolate manufacturer, Turin was established in 1928 and recently built a new state of the art facility in Toluca where it produces, amongst other products, this luxury chocolate range. Turin products are sold in Mexico and exported throughout the world.

Cats-Haensel, which has operations in Dresden, Germany, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is the number one supplier of ecological and mineral wax paper and waxed laminates in Europe, offering a range of packaging products for the confectionery, bakery and food industries to the European, American and Asian markets.