Eco-friendly Twist Wrap
Eco-friendly Twist Wrap

One of Europe’s leading confectionery packaging manufacturers is predicting continued growth in the use of more environmentally friendly twist wrap products.

Cats-Haensel, a leading supplier of wax coated and wax laminated solutions to global confectionery companies such as August Storck, Lindt & Sprungli, Leaf International, Cadbury, Perfetti Van Melle and Mars-Wrigley, observes increasing demand for its vegetable-based wax products because of their strong ecological credentials.

Furthermore demand for its SAF (Strip Aluminium Film) and CPP (cast polypropylene) twist products has increased, as candy and chocolate praline producers switch away from PVC applications.

Cats-Haensel managing director Barry Marron said: “It is an exciting time within twist wrap as there is a lot of movement within the sector towards more environmentally friendly options, reflecting the growing emphasis on sustainability within the food and confectionery sectors as a whole.

“We have the capability of producing NOWAX vegetable wax based wrappers which are non-mineral and fully biodegradable, so they fit perfectly with ‘green’ thinking. Critically from our customers’ perspective, there is no compromise on the print quality and appearance for the twist wrap with NOWAX and, crucially, the level of release from sticky products is actually higher than with traditional waxes.

“This has increased the take up of our environmentally friendly product alternatives. Technology has advanced to such a degree that these alternatives improve the packaging sustainability without reducing its functionality or ability to catch the eye of consumers.”

Cats-Haensel recently installed a state-of-the-art eight-colour flexo printing press to increase its customer service capability and to respond to growing demand. It can now supply the highest quality flexo and gravure twist solutions using vegetable wax, mineral wax coated papers as well as plain and metalised CPP, BOPP in strip and overall laminations. Cats-Haensel products are developed with customers to run efficiently on the latest twist machines at speeds of up to 2,400 products per minute.

Cats-Haensel, which has operations in Dresden, Germany, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is the number one supplier of waxed paper and waxed laminates in Europe, offering a range of packaging products for the confectionery, bakery and food industries to the European, American and Asian markets.