Elegant Touch for Confiserie Kathy
Elegant Touch for Confiserie Kathy

A new range of toffees covered in authentic Belgian chocolate has been given a classic look, thanks to leading twist wrap manufacturer Cats-Hänsel.

Cats-Hänsel has produced high-quality, luxury laminated wrapping for four flavours of Exotic Chocolate Toffees produced by top Belgian confectioner Confiserie Kathy.

Confiserie Kathy, based in Bruges, enjoys a long-standing relationship with the waxed laminate supplier thanks to its ability to produce eye-catching packaging for its popular confectionery products.

The strip laminated twist wrap paper for the Exotic Chocolate Toffees has been produced by Cats-Hänsel using its new state-of-the-art, eight-colour flexo press.

The new wrapper is produced in a six-stage process that includes aluminium printing, slitting, paper printing, wax coating, strip laminating and finally end reel slitting.

Cats-Hänsel Managing Director, Barry Marron said: “This was a complex piece of work given the various stages it went through and we are delighted with the final result.

“We recently installed an eight-colour flexo printer which has further increased our reliability and means we can handle projects of this scale flexibly and efficiently.”

Confiserie Kathy managing director, Tom Van Cauwenberghe said: “We are planning a series of new products over the coming months and we hope they will all look as pleasing on the eye as these toffees.

“As usual, we are delighted with the high quality packaging produced by Cats-Hänsel. It really adds to the overall appeal of these toffees.”

The toffees come in milk and white chocolate, Costa Rica (38% cocoa) and Ecuador (71% cocoa) varieties and will be going on sale across Belgium and northern Europe.

Cats-Hänsel, which has operations in Dresden, Germany, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is the number one supplier of waxed paper and waxed laminates in Europe, offering a range of packaging products for the confectionery, bakery and food industries to the European, American and Asian markets.