For over 100 years we have driven, changed and reinvented the market and the technologies of wax lamination in confectionery, bakery and dairy packaging.

Our biodegradable ECOWAX range is our latest innovation. A unique product perfectly suited to the challenges of consumer brand manufacturing in the 21st century.

ECOWAX is vegetable based, fully biodegradable and breaks down in the environment at a rate comparable to the leafs of a tree. Team it with one of our environmental substrate options such as biodegradable and PVC replacement films and your brand can demonstrate its environmental responsibility. By downgauging and value engineering we have also made ECOWAX a top value proposition.

ECOWAX maintains our record for top quality, performance and runability. It offers exceptional release and super-low migration properties and runs on high speed lines without problems.

We can tailor-make ECOWAX solutions to your product requirements across our twist, wrap, fold and seal solutions.