Clondalkin Group

Cats-Haensel is part of Clondalkin-Group’s Laminated and Coated Products Business Unit.


The unit operates from 3 sites in Holland and Germany running a wide range of Gravure and Flexo presses, wax coaters and laminators and both solvent and solvent free laminators. Conversion consists of strip laminating machines, specialised pointed bag making machines and slitters.


Laminated and Coated products are specialist suppliers of flexible packaging materials to the confectionery and chocolate industry, the processed food industry and certain technical markets.

To the confectionery and chocolate industry we supply waxed coated papers, wax-laminated papers, strip-laminated paper and film and CPP based twist-films. Our products are used to twist, wrap, fold and seal our customers’ products in the most efficient manner.


We supply printed laminates for vertical FFS machines with laser-based easy opening features and stand up pouches. We are specialist suppliers of pointed bags and other oddly shaped bags for the confectionery industry.

We are market leader with Transparent High barrier lidding materials for the processed fruit and vegetable industry as well as the ready meal markets. Our long experience in the production and development of these triplex and duplex laminates for long shelf life applications have provided us with this strong market position in all continents of the world.


We offer a wide range of multi-layer high quality gravure printed laminates with high barrier properties and excellent consumer convenience to the Food and agricultural industry. We can supply a wide range of stand–up pouches with reclose-ability and anti-counterfeit features if necessary.


To the dairy industry we supply wax laminates for butter and yellow fat packaging.

Completing our product range are printed and unprinted high-performing multi layer laminates with high barrier properties for non-food, pharmaceutical and technical applications.


Clondalkin Group

 is an international producer of high value added packaging products and services, with 45 production locations in 10 countries throughout Europe and North America and annual sales in excess of €900 million.


Our focus is to develop our market leadership positions by offering unique technology and experience to our customers.