About us

Cats-Haensel products are reliably untwisted, unwrapped, unfolded and unsealed over 15 billion times every year, worldwide.

Our Leadership is No Secret

Cats-Haensel is a global market leader in twist, wrap, fold and seal packaging solutions to the confectionery, bakery and dairy markets. Our technology, people, quality and service levels are the best in the business, and we should know as we've been around longer than just about anyone else.

Both of our manufacturing sites, in Germany and the Netherlands, are over 100 years old. We have always driven the market forward, innovated and continuously improved. We are now the partner of choice for brands across the globe

We played a key role in the development of twist-wrap as a packaging technology, we know more than anyone about wax lamination and now environmentally-friendly wax solutions.

We know a lot about packaging and a lot about packaging people. We know more about packaging technology and machinery and no other business can apply such knowledge and passion to packaging in the confectionery, bakery and dairy markets.

We are a truly customer focussed business, employing staff from 22 nationalities and all working to making your product performance the best it can be. We're proud to be part of the international Clondalkin Group.